Bouquet Boutique creative director Geraldine Hore is a floristry design expert and educator who has impeccable taste and an eye for design. With more than a decade experience in the florist industry, Geraldine’s expertise spans native flower cultivation and export, to floristry design.

She combines her greatest passions – creativity, nature and interior design- to produce outstanding floral visions that are at the forefront of fashionable floristry.

Geraldine has an absolute eye for quality, pushes boundaries and is committed to ensuring her designs are one-off creations that exceed her client’s expectations. They are set apart by her signature use of natural fibers and unique materials in their presentation.

After so many years being at the forefront of floristry and design, Geraldine is now a floristry educator and hosts private and group workshops on floral design so clients can learn the art. Geraldine is passionate about everyone enjoying the visual beauty of flowers and benefit of plants, whether at home, in the office or at exceptional events.